Performance Claims and Disputes

We learn of performance issues in several ways. We periodically send out status inquiries to your customer, requesting feedback on job performance. A response from your unhappy customer may generate an inquiry. Occasionally, we will receive a call from a project owner, general contractor, or project design professional expressing concern. In some cases, that concern comes to us in the form of a cure notice or notice of default. In other cases, our principals come to us to advise us of their own concerns or to advise us of a dispute or problem that could lead to a claim or loss.

If you believe that your customer is unhappy with your performance, we would prefer to know about it before your customer contacts us. We don't like surprises in this business any more than you do.

Construction is a risky and dispute-prone business. We know that disputes will arise. We know that some jobs will not go as well as others. We know that personality clashes and the other party's shortcomings may play just as much a role in such disputes as any failings on your part. We can and will help you deal with these issues if you will contact us.

Our claims personnel have decades of combined construction industry claims and dispute experience. We can help you avoid a default, facilitate the resolution of an ongoing controversy, or help you work your way out of a problem. Call us or e-mail us. We cannot help if we do not know there is a problem.

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