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Strong partnerships with professional agents and producers, financial stability and deep roots in contract and commercial surety are the foundation of our business. SureTec is operating in 50 states and rated A (Excellent) by A.M. Best, but it's the quality and character of our people that define SureTec and has made us a market leader.  

SureTec Press Release

Markel to acquire SureTec Financial Corp

MKL - SureTec Press Release

"You just have no idea how much I appreciate everything you do for us. You are by far, the only one that I know that would ever take the time to do something as easy as issuing a bond for us; that means so much. You are a team player and I hope I am lucky enough to have you as my rep for years to come. "
Houston, Texas Agent to a SureTec Underwriting Assistant

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