How to File a Claim

SureTec is pleased to provide this Claims Information Center as a general claims resource for visitors to our site.  First, please tell us what kind of claim information you are seeking and who you are:

Subcontractors:  Making Payment Bond Claims

If you are a subcontractor, supplier, or other vendor seeking information about filing a payment bond claim or notice because you have not been paid or have concerns over payment, please click here.

Obligees:  Advising Us of a Performance Problem or Claim Received

If you are an obligee on a performance bond issued by SureTec and you have concerns about an account's performance or have received notice of unpaid bills, please click here.

Commercial Surety:  Advising Us of a Potential Claim

If you are an obligee on a commercial, court, license & permit or other miscellaneous bond and wish to advise of a claim or potential claim, please click here.

SureTec Accounts:  Advising SureTec of a Possible Claim

If you are one of our accounts and want to advise us that a claim is likely to be made or has been resolved, or you want assistance with a problem or dispute relating to an outstanding bond, please click here.

Freight Broker Bond Claims  

To file a claim against a freight broker’s bond please contact the claims department at or via mail at SureTec Insurance Company, 9737 Great Hills Trail, Suite 320, Austin, TX 78759.  Cancellation notices posted here.

For general information, please click here.

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