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The Bond Principal's Role in the Claims Process

Most of our contractors, even our very best and most financially stable accounts, will come in contact with our Claims Department at some point. We are here to assist you and answer your questions.

Payment Bond Claims and Notices:

Suppliers and subcontractors will file notices and claims even on the most credit-worthy accounts. We know that. When we receive those notices, we must respond and treat them the same, whether or not we know that you are a viable contractor. In general, we acknowledge the claims and begin the process of reviewing a claim or requesting additional information soon after any claim or notice is received. If you know that a claim is coming to Markel, you can save both of us considerable time by letting us know, letting us know if there is a problem, and letting us know when and how the claim will be dealt with. We may use this information in our initial response with the claimant.  Click here for more information. 

Performance Claims and Disputes:

We learn of performance issues in several ways. We periodically send out status inquiries to your customer, requesting feedback on job performance. A response from your unhappy customer may generate an inquiry. Occasionally, we will receive a call from a project owner, general contractor, or project design professional expressing concern.

  • In some cases, that concern comes to us in the form of a cure notice or notice of default.
  • In other cases, our principals come to us to advise us of their own concerns or to advise us of a dispute or problem that could lead to a claim or loss. 

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