Contract Bonds

SureTec provides superior financial security and outstanding service to prime and subcontractors with bonded work programs to $100 million.  For our most professional agents and exceptional accounts, we have the capacity to meet bond needs to $50 million and beyond.

Over 80% of SureTec's contract business is preferred and standard accounts.  Our focus remains the growth of these high quality accounts, drawing on our underwriting expertise and a thorough understanding of the construction market.  For assistance, please contact:  

Austin, TX
Andrew Marquis
Vice President, Branch Manager
(512) 732-0099
Houston, TX
Lawrence Mastalski
Vice President, Branch Manager
Dallas, TX
Morris Plagens
Vice President, Branch Manager
Direct: (972) 265-8300
San Antonio, TX
Bill Dawley
Vice President, Branch Manager
(210) 634-1916
San Diego, CA
Ron Ballard
VP, Branch Manager
(619) 400-4105
Baltimore, MD
Carol Nevin
VP, Branch Manager

Pacific Northwest
Blaine Williamson
Senior Vice President

Richmond, VA
Scott Styer
VP, Branch Manager
(804) 864-8592

To better serve our agents, and in support of "finding a responsible way to say yes," we’re equipped to assist specialty accounts, utilizing the SBA Surety Guarantee Program, Funds Disbursement Services, and collateral arrangements for custom designed programs.  Our primary focus, however, will continue to be the preferred, high quality accounts deserving of unsecured credit.

The contract surety market is a competitive arena. We respect that you have a variety of surety partner options and ask for the opportunity to earn your business and demonstrate our commitment to the growth and success of both your agency and construction accounts.

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